OHOV caps

Each summer holiday in Järvamaa, deep in the Estonian countryside, I would run through the wooden gate into the golden field where my grandfather, Heinrich Ohov, was working the land. The fresh summer breeze would carry the scent of hay to my nostrils and I would see my grandpa, dressed in an elegant suit jacket, 40s style trousers, and a twill bakerboy hat on his head, as he lifted piles of hay with a fork high onto the carriage.

That’s how I remember him – always well dressed, even in the meadow.

Shoes polished and clothes ironed. My grandpa was the best-dressed person I knew.

And he applied the same kind of care to everything he did as everything was worth his undivided attention.

With that mentality, I have designed the Ohov cap.

Because every day is special.

Guided by the sense of beauty embedded in natural materials and with a mindset aimed towards sustainability, an idea emerged - to use silk from second hand mens ties. Silk is the strongest natural fibre and one of the most luxurious, coveted fabrics in the world.


  • We rescue this premium material and turn it into a one of a kind signature headpiece.
  • Elevate your outfit to the next level with the Ohov cap made from statement silk to keep you cool during those hot summer months.
  • The design of the cap contemplates a personal inner retrospective and need to reconnect with nature, while in shape, paying homage to the traditional bakerboy cap.
  • Expressionate design, each piece with unique character and color combination.
  • Premium materials offer the ultimate comfort


This cap model is carefully assembled from 8 individual silk panels. The formula of the color matching is made up so, that the sweatband, peak, covered button, and front panel are all from the same fabric. The inner lining is high-quality light silk that gives breathability and cools during hot days but also keeps you warm when cold. It is like having a natural thermostat embedded in this luxurious fabric making it the best all-season textile.


The peak and front panel are connected with a magnet so that you can style your cap however you desire.
The covered button is shaped as a square, which four sides are complementing the geometrical pattern of the main body and 8 corners of the panels.
A true statement piece without sacrificing comfortability.


See the available OHOV caps here.