Here, we don’t only consider environmental sustainability, but all the four pillars of sustainability: Human, Social, Economic and Environmental. The principle of the four pillars of sustainability states that for complete sustainability, problems need to be solved in relation to all four pillars of sustainability & also be maintained.

Returning Value to Premium Material

A table full of silkworms are boiled to death for a tie’s worth of raw material. A fraction of it ends up in second-hand shops, while the majority goes straight through a trash yard fabric shredder.

At Mari Michel, we use silk from men's ties - an already produced fabric from out-of-fashion accessories - to create Fair Hair Ties.

Our elastic band and labels are made of organic cotton and rubber.

We ship our products in environment-friendly packaging.

Respect Towards Creation

To illustrate how much we love silk, we have created a cocoon business environment. With our products being crafted in Europe, we have made an environment for our team that feels safe, cozy and nourishing. We believe, that by offering you high-quality, sustainable products at fair prices & full transparency, we respect ourselves with fair wages, flexible working hours and safe working conditions.

Our team consists of highly crafted seamsters, designers and brand visionaries, who are all passionate about creating beauty and abundance.

The Makers

To expand our mission further, we call skillful seamsters from all over the world to join our initiative as the Makers. There is an excess of premium raw material everywhere in the world and our mission is to put it into good use together. As members of Mari Michel, Makers source raw materials locally and create Fair Hair ties that meet our quality standard. They then add their created Fair Hair Ties to Mari Michel webshop where they can be ordered and enjoyed by Fair Hair Tie lovers from all over the world. The Makers will receive bulk of the profit, which makes the initiative a fun and sustainable way to make extra income. We encourage our clients to choose their Fair Hair Tie from a local Maker, so that it can be also shipped locally and will result in smaller carbon footprint.

Sustainable development is more than just economic growth. The quality of growth matters as well as the quantity!

Our aim is to improve the standard of living by efficiently using assets to maintain the brand's profitability over time.